The Mighty Warrior
15 Mar 2015 JT 15
First Two Weeks Aboard

With my first two weeks of living aboard out of the way, I feel like I have finally found the happy, stress-free lifestyle that I have been searching for!

11 Feb 2015 JT 26
Washington D.C. Bound

Last week the Universe forced my cross country trip in a different direction so now as I write this, I am on a flight with Mamba headed for D.C.

23 Jan 2015 JT 33
American Adventure: Preface

We are about to embark on the sailing adventure of a lifetime. But that cannot happen until we cross the United States going from California to Virginia.

5 Jan 2015 JT 30
Basecamp: Dynamite Lady

In searching for a place to live while refit Edisto, the most economical solution ended up being to purchase a second boat to move aboard. Dynamite Lady is a 28' Bristol Sailboat with an Atomic 30 hp Engine.

5 Jan 2015 JT 37
Fiery Solstice Sunset
21 Dec 2014 JT 20